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Worked one time then stopped what junk give me my money back now!!!! Scammers!

Very usable, needs support for "Play on Roku"

This is a very usable app and a good alternative to the official roku app. Very simple to set up and intuitive to use. Love that it can control multiple devices. My favorite function is the keyboard/search; works very well. I also like the swipe option for the remote. I would like to see added support for "Play on Roku" (a new function of the official app) to stream mp3s and photos from phone through roku device. Very cool feature that I would like to see added to this app. Keep it up!

Design & Function is all there!

This thing is awesome. It's pleasant to look at, the functionality is excellent especially for tablet. It's worth the money, easily. I would pay it again if I had to. It's a really, really, good remote. The widgets are a great addition as well! When I requested something to the developer he was very quick to respond. Getting a response at all is great, he was tip top in helping me.

As it should be!

Just when I was about to quit searching for a true Tablet>Roku remote! Everything one could hope for and more. Job well done people. Get this one!!!

Great app.

You can set up widgets on your home screen to control your roku.

Like the widget

Best roku widget

Absolutely love it!

Works great!

Best Roku Remote

Hands down this is currently the best roku remote on the market. The channel feature is especially awesome.

Greatest roku app

This is the greatest roku application that's available. The widgets are fantastic and respond extremely well. What else could one ask for? (:

Love it

Has worked flawlessly for me. Worth the money.

MY 1st payed app ever

I love the app i havent ever payed for an app before in over 2 only hope or concern is that you can hopefully develope the roku game remote and add it to this app thru an update..this would make you guys hands down the #1 roku app on the market..i have faith that u will act on this soon and start developing a game remote so i can play angry birds you do this i can truely say this is not only my 1st app ive bought..its also the best app for roku users..thank you kindly todd g.

Nice app

Nice app

Love it

Bought this app months ago and love it.

More impressive than I expected

Wow. Right after it installed, it took no time to open, and my Roku player responded right away to its commands, without setup required! It also took 0 time to open a graphical list of channels. Super responsive, slick. Couldn't recommend it more.

Wish it still worked

I don't often leave reviews, but on this I have to. Especially since this is a paid app. It seems to have stopped working recently after a couple of updates. I have 4 rokus in my house and it was very convenient when it was working, I hope they figure out whats wrong soon.

Great app

Great alternative to roku remote. I would like to see motion sensor support for games like Angry birds.

Dick move by Roku

They didn't have a problem with the name when they included your app in their blog post about remotes. Guess this means the official remote is on its way. Great Roku remote app. Has worked flawlessly.

Best of the bunch!

Works as advertised. No issues on the gnex.


The keyboard feature alone is worth the $! Auto setup is just a bonus as far as I am concerned. The support for multiple players is great too. Thanks so much!

Not stable

I have reinstalled and rebooted with little improvement

Ur a Life Saver!!

Thank u so much for this app. My roku remote broke replacements were out of order n tried every app i cld find. This is the the only one that worked. Definitely buyin this app :D

It quit working within the first week and absolutely no tech support. Wish I could get my money back! I did email and auto update is on. So ?

love the voice search

simple, easy, and works. i love the voice search.


Thank you all those who emailed about the multiple instances issue. We have submitted an update. If you were getting the issue before, please restart your roku after updating.

Worked for awhile...

...and then started reporting other remotes were connected. I don't have other remotes. Complete reinstall failed to fix the problem. N1

Excellent App makes it easy

This App is terrific. No more slowly clicking through the channels looking for something. They are all listed on your Tablet or Cellphone in two columns and you can swiftly go to one without the laborious exiting from your other channel. They are also very responsive to questions and suggestions.

Revised review...

After the recent update AND uninstall / reinstall, working great now on my 7" Galaxy tab.


My kids lost my remote. Glad to find this app. works great very happy with it love the channle select

best roku remote out there

this is the best roku remote control our. i love the fact that it turns your WiFi on when you activate the program.

Great app

Buy it. Great! Nice and handy remote.

Great app

Best app for roku

Love it!

Love it!

Best roku app out there. First app that I've ever paid for. Worth every penny!


Opened the app and started using it at once. Found my roku hd instantly. Widgets are a great too.

Amazing UI

Clean UI that just works and stays out of your way. I couldn't be more impressed.

Just works, nice replacement

My son "ate" our remote but this works as a replacement with zero setup. Very nice.


This remote is awesome works perfect in fact it works better than the original remote does, plus it has more features too. Well worth the money!

The Best

Simply the best Roku remote. I have used two other remotes for the Roku and this handily beats all of them. Well worth it.

Seems to be working Awesome for me! Doesn't auto scroll like the other Roku remote I paid for.

Works flawlessly, channel browser is fantastic

RokyByte is the best Roku controller app ever created. Ever get tired of scrolling back and forth through the channels on the TV? Use the channel browser in RokuByte, it is absolutely awesome. The ability to type in search fields is fantastic also. Highly recommend this app for anyone with a Roku (and multiple Roku units)!

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